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Theatre This Week - Plays at Prithvi Theatre

GUPPY THEATRE – MAHARAJA OF MASTIPURCrossover Media & Design Pvt Ltd’s
Show: Monday, 24th December - 3 PM & 7 PM at Prithvi Theatre, Juhu
Synopsis: Guppy Theatre – Maharaja of Mastipur is a show which uses shadow puppetry, projections, masked puppeteers, live actors, and music to tell a delightful tale of a young prince and his pet tiger. 
Guppy Theatre travels deep in space and far in time collecting stories. The story today at our puppet theatre is about a very naughty Maharaja from Rajasthan and his Minister of Pranks, Pranky. This Maharaja plays pranks on everyone, much to the annoyance of his mother Rajmata. Now he is expecting very special visitors - the King and Queen of England themselves! What has he got planned for them? But we mustn’t forget that the young Prince and his pet tiger Shera also have their own story to tell and how this fierce beast saves the day!
Cast: Shamshul, Avinash Kumar, Pawan Waghmare, Atul Sinha, Asha, Dhruv Rai, Umesh Kumar, Anurupa Roy, Nitu Kumari, Anand Kumar
Writer & Director: Anurupa Roy
Language: English
Age Group: 6+
Duration: 60mins (no interval)

Ansh Theatre Group's 
Show: Sunday, 23rd December - 6 PM & 9 PM at Prithvi Theatre, Juhu
SYNOPSIS: A historical wedding or a hysterical wedding? Aarti's wish for a fairy tale leads to a lavish debacle through an unpredictable roller coaster ride calledEpic Gadbad.
CAST: Sanjay Dadhich, Ninad Limaye, Akanksha Gade, Madhuri Gawali, Bharat More, Ajay Kamble
WRITER & DIRECTOR: Makrand Deshpande /ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Tushar Ghadigaonkar
MUSIC: Composed by: Rachita Arora /Operated by: Aniket Bhoir
LIGHT DESIGN: Amogh Phadke
Set Design: Teddy Maurya

Rangbaaz Production's Bade Miyan Deewane
Show: Saturday, 22nd December - 7 PM & 9:30 PM at Prithvi Theatre, Juhu
Synopsis: The play is essentially about a rich eccentric octogenarian who is used to living a luxurious and flamboyant life and is swept off his feet by a beautiful young girl in his neighbourhood, who incidentally is also the love interest of his son.
Writer: Farrukh Seyer and Imran Rasheed
Director: Imran Rasheed
Cast: Imran Rasheed, Farrukh Seyer, Muzammil Qureshi, Akriti Singh, Nisha Dhar/Shital Bhardwaj, Sanjay Dadhich/Lokesh Rai, Nishi Doshi, Sarika Singh, Trisha Kale, Nitin Bharadwaj and Raghav Dutt.

The Great Raja Master Drama Company
Show: Tuesday, 25th December - 7 PM & 9:30 PM at Prithvi Theatre, Juhu
Synopsis: The play is about Raja Master who is a tailor Master by profession. However, Raja Master notices that off-late his tailoring shop is not doing too well and in a flash of inspiration he decides that The Great Raja Master Tailor Company should now become The Great Raja Master Drama Company. What happens on opening night of the first play production by Raja Masters Drama Company is what this play is all about. This comic play is a total musical with many songs using the folk form of Nautanki and brings out the element of play within a play ending with a twisted climax.
Writer: Dinesh Bharti
Adapted and Directed by: Avneesh Mishra
Cast: Hemant Pandey, Rana Pratap Sengar, Shashi Bhushan Chaturvedi, Kritika Pande, Shailendra Singh, Vipin Heero, Mridul Ghosh, Anoop Sharma, Pankaj Dixit, Errol Rodrigues, Neelam Gheewala, Roshan Shetty, Nirmala Chandra.

Tpot Production's
Show: Wednesday, 26th December - 8 PM at Prithvi Theatre, Juhu
Synopsis: Adapted from celebrated Hindi authors such as Phanishwarnath Renu, Uday Prakash and Badal Sarkar - the three-story compilation deals with India and the epiphanies of life in different spaces. It is structured as three performances intertwined within each other through the narrative of puppeteers and ‘performers’
Writer: Phanishwarnath Renu, Uday Prakash Sarkar & Badal Sarkar
Adapted by: Pawan Uttam
Director: Trishla Patel
Cast: Aanchal Poddar, Prashant Amlani, Vivaan Parashar, Vikram Singh Sodha, Omkar Ketkar, Fatema Arif, Kalansh Gala, Akash Singh

Tpot Production's
Show: Thursday, 27th December - 9 PM at Prithvi Theatre, Juhu
Synopsis: Jannat Central is about a teenage girl - J, who relives her memories through dance. Her friend and room-mate - Nutty, supports her every step of the way; but the arrival of a long lost friend - Bobby, throws her cocooned world into a flux bringing her face to face with her demons. J's struggle to come to terms with reality is a thrilling, psychological journey that eventually unravels the true meaning of 'Jannat'!
DIRECTOR: Trishla Patel, Shashank Vishnu Dutt
WRITER: Trishla Patel

ARTISTS: Shashank Vishnu Dutt, Manali Panchal, Anna Ador, Aastha Deorah, Alesia Raut, Mithun Purandare, Anuj Rampal, Jaya Virlley, Sandip Soparrkar

साक्षात्कार डाट काम

साक्षात्कार डाट काम सूचित करता है। अब उन ही खबरों को अपडेट किया जाएगा , जिस इवेंट , प्रेस कांफ्रेंस में खुद शरीक हो रहा हू । इसका संपादन एडिटर इन चीफ सुशील गंगवार के माध्यम से किया जाता है। अगर कोई ये कहकर इवेंट , प्रेस कॉन्फ्रेंस अटेंड करता है कि मै साक्षात्कार डाट कॉम या इससे जुडी कोई और न्यूज़ वेबसाइट के लिए काम करता हू और पैसे का लेनदेन करता है, तो इसकी जिम्मेदारी खुद की होगी। उसकी कोई न्यूज़ साक्षात्कार डाट कॉम पर नहीं लगायी जायेगी। ..
Sushil Gangwar