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Gwalior Maestro Pandit Sharad Sathe to serenade Mumbai with Night Sky

A concert of rarely heard night melodies

At 86 years
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(will turn 86 on 18th February), Pandit Sharad Sathe, Master Khayal vocalist of the Gwalior Gharana is one of our last few Hindustani musicians with a connection to the glorious past of Classical music in Mumbai. He has had direct and continuous training for more than four decades from great musicians and Gurus of the Gwalior Gharana from the 1950s onwards. He has served the cause of Hindustani music for over six decades as a musician, Guru and arts administrator, and patron.

At the Night Sky concert at the intimate and elegant G5A Black Box Theatre in Mahalakshmi, curated by First Edition Arts, he will present a special late night concert which will begin at 8.30 pm and continue till 11.30 pm. He will present rare compositions from his vast repertoire received from his great Gurus comprising
​of ​
late ​
night raags that are not usually presented on concert platforms today. This concert will bring together music lovers and rasikas as well as arts loving individuals across all age groups seeking an experience of the intricate and sophisticated artistry that defines Hindustani khayal music. Such a concert is all the more special when it is presented by a highly respected senior musician with a lifetime of dedicated study and introspection.

In March 2017 First Edition Arts presented a much loved and acclaimed series called The Secret Masters Sessions in which Sathe Saab was one of our Secret Masters. The series presented great musicians who have remained mysteriously hidden from the mainstream view despite their obvious excellence.  

Event Details:
Date - 24th February 2018
Venue - G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture
Time - 8:30
​ ​
to 11:30
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(With a coffee break)
Accompanying Artistes: Sruteendra Katagade on tabla and Siddhesh Bicholkar on harmonium

Artiste Bio:
Pandit Sathe is widely respected as a Gwalior Gharana Maestro with a lifetime of dedicated study of Khayal music, a universally loved form of Hindustani music rich in subtle artistry and improvisation. He is deeply imbued in the music and aesthetics of the Gwalior Gharana and his learning has spanned more than 45 years with such illustrious Gurus as Pandit DV Paluskar (1949-55), Professor BR Deodhar (1956-66) and Pandit Sharatchandra Arolkar (1966-94). Pandit Sharad Sathe's talent and musicianship acquired depth, maturity and an added dimension as Pandit Arolkar gave him a new insight into the ideological base of the Gwalior gayaki and handed him down several rare compositions in Khayals, tappas and taranas. The polished grace and depth of expression evident in his music is the result of his advanced training and refinement under his Guru Pandit Arolkar. The polished grace and depth of expression evident in his music is the result of his advanced training and refinement under his Guru Pandit Arolkar. Today, Pandit Sathe is a vocalist who has made a mark in the contemporary music scene through diligent practice, informed study and assimilation. Although a follower of Gwalior gayaki he is an eclectic musician who has kept his ears and mind open to the best that other schools have to offer. He has participated in various music conferences and concerts in India and abroad.

Pandit Sathe has been an arts administrator involved with the running of organisations like the Dadar Matunga Cultural Centre, a prestigious Mumbai institution that has promoted classical music in the city for several decades.

Sathe Saab is also a master artiste and calligrapher who has a degree in commercial art from the JJ School of Art and has had a full time and successful career in advertising as well.

साक्षात्कार डाट काम

साक्षात्कार डाट काम सूचित करता है। अब उन ही खबरों को अपडेट किया जाएगा , जिस इवेंट , प्रेस कांफ्रेंस में खुद शरीक हो रहा हू । इसका संपादन एडिटर इन चीफ सुशील गंगवार के माध्यम से किया जाता है। अगर कोई ये कहकर इवेंट , प्रेस कॉन्फ्रेंस अटेंड करता है कि मै साक्षात्कार डाट कॉम या इससे जुडी कोई और न्यूज़ वेबसाइट के लिए काम करता हू और पैसे का लेनदेन करता है, तो इसकी जिम्मेदारी खुद की होगी। उसकी कोई न्यूज़ साक्षात्कार डाट कॉम पर नहीं लगायी जायेगी। ..
Sushil Gangwar