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SALMAN KHAN FOND OF HITEN TEJWANI Emotional moment for wife Gauri Pradhan Tejwani.

Bigg Boss 11 contestant Hiten Tejwani has undoubtedly earned a respectable name in the house. Every weekend when Salman Khan comes to meet the housemates, he addresses him as the most sensible and mature contestant. His simplicity & honesty has won him fans like Salman Khan who call him 'a man of his words' and 'honest peacemaker'.

Salman Khan's fondness towards Hiten seems evident every weekend. Last week, the telly star had his wife & kids visit him at Big Boss house. An overjoyed Hiten busted in tears when he saw his wife Gauri Pradhan & kids.

Hiten, who is one of the strongest contender of the winning trophy is touted to be the winner of Big Boss 11.
Gauri says "It was an emotional moment for me and our entire family , never been away for so long but I believe he is the best contestant and is a winner all the way"

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