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UNPLUGGED NIGHTS AT R- ADDA ROOF TOP KITCHEN N BAR! Beat your midweek blues with unplugged nights at R- Adda with Maadhyam

Wonderful weekends are too mainstream! Guests at R- Adda Roof top Kitchen N Bar, 6th Floor, Ramee Guestline line, Juhu, Mumbai surely wiped away their weekday blues when Maadhyam performed live. His melodious voice & his good looks charmed his unplugged shells with various genres & immersed the attendees into the world of musicana sensation.

Apart from taking delight from Maadhyam songs, the guests that included familiar names from Bollywood, Television & Music industry- Abhijeet Sawant, Ketul Parikh,  Raftaar, Tina Dutta, Divya Kumar, Shirley Setia and Aditi Singh Sharma & many more with some mouth watering delicacies & drinks.
The Food, Music and Drinks reflected the same ambiance that the interiors and decor of the place reflects. The place, music and the weather surely made it memorable unplugged night. 

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