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SRK’s personal trainer, Prashant Sawant gets Sunil Grover to work out!

Mumbai, April 11th, 2017: Sunil Grover took the Cricketers Workout Challenge on UC Talks. Prominent celebrity trainer Prashant Sawant, who has trained the likes of Shah Rukh Khan, Varun Dhawan, Sunny Leone and Ajay Devgn was responsible for getting the comedian to sweat it out!

Looking at the celebrities he trains, one would only expect Prashant Sawant’s work out regime to be a tad bit tedious for Sunil Grover. Sunil went through a series of Push-Ups, Battle Ropes, Hanging Knee Ups, Military Press, Abs Wheel Roll Outs and also the Natural Sprint!

Of course it wasn’t easy! But with the help of a more than capable trainer - Prashant Sawant, Sunil Grover did it all and emerged a victor at the Body Sculptor studio, Khar!

Watch here: