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  • - तक अगर Film TV or Media की कोई सूचना, जानकारी पहुंचाना चाहते हैं तो आपका स्वागत है. आप मेल के जरिए कोई जानकारी भेजने के लिए का सहारा ले सकते हैं.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Press release of

The Clea Group of Companies is India's leading communication group that offers a plethora of services ranging from Public Relations, Media Relations and Dissemination, Film Production, Marketing Consultancy, Celebrity PR, Visual Communication & Design, Brand Custodial Services  and Market Research. With a network of offices and stringers in 33 cities across the country and employing some of the best experts, the Clea Group is quintessentially a highly dynamic and expert organisation that can handle the communication strategy, marketing and brand management needs of any brand, corporate or individual. 


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