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20 years back she didn't expect her theater career to be a roaring successActress Roma Navani's name pops up every time there's a list of great, talented television actors from the Indian Telly Industry. Roma Navani who is equally famous for her stage prowess, having acted in iconic plays such as Wo Tum Hi Ho, Hadh Kar Di Apne, Perfect Husband, Aazar ka Khwab and many more has completed 20 years in theater industry "It feels like time just flew. In these 20 years theater has given me so much that today I actually thank this platform for making me what I am. I acted with some of the great actor like- Shekhar Suman, Poonam Dhillon, Padmini Kolhapure, Farooq Sheikh which gave me a chance to explore the world of theater even more and understand the nuances even better. "

Going down the memory lane, she says "I started theater with Prithvi 20 years back & it's such a nostalgic feeling to be there now. I use to start in the morning with tea there, then lunch ,take afternoon nap in the make room and get ready for the show by evening. I.have spend days together at Prithvi & it feels that I have grown up there as a teenager and as an actor also"

Roma is also all set with her production house starting with producing a play which is almost on final stages...which has her dear friend and renowned television, film & theater actor Poonam Dhillon playing the main protagonist  in it. "The content in theater has evolved so much that it is my pleasure to produce a play especially with my friend Poonam Dhillon. She has always been a friend & inspiration"

Theater and cinema - two worlds that are literally worlds apart. What happens when an actress is a part of both? How does she juggle her interests, commitments and passions for these two fields? Can she give cinema the time it demands and yet, remain firmly grounded in theater? What does she have to realize and adjust in her own practice to achieve this?

It was 20 years back that theater bug bit Roma Navani. Roma lives in, works for and belongs to the contrasting fields of both theater and film. Her experiences have been full of challenges, learning and exhilarating 'aha!' moments. On the one hand, is the world of film - where very little time is given to prepare for a role, where the director can intervene to tell the actor what to do from minute to minute, where the actor must have the ability to switch off and switch on from a role in the moment. On the other hand, is the world of theater - where the rehearsals are long and immersive, where costume, hair and makeup are the actor's own responsibility, where nobody yells 'cut!' during a performance "There’s so much about theater that is different from films  or television – there is no color to capture the mood, there are no special effects, indeed, at times, it seems like it’s standing still. But then there are certain things that make theater special and prime among them is plot. The performances, there is no hiding on the stage, can also raise the level of the play"
Her 20 years of journey full of work and commitments seem to make Roma Navani one of  the busiest actress's not just of Theater but also Television. However, the actress undoubtedly has all the talent to meet the level of expectations from her performances in her every task.

साक्षात्कार डाट काम

साक्षात्कार डाट काम सूचित करता है। अब उन ही खबरों को अपडेट किया जाएगा , जिस इवेंट , प्रेस कांफ्रेंस में खुद शरीक हो रहा हू । इसका संपादन एडिटर इन चीफ सुशील गंगवार के माध्यम से किया जाता है। अगर कोई ये कहकर इवेंट , प्रेस कॉन्फ्रेंस अटेंड करता है कि मै साक्षात्कार डाट कॉम या इससे जुडी कोई और न्यूज़ वेबसाइट के लिए काम करता हू और पैसे का लेनदेन करता है, तो इसकी जिम्मेदारी खुद की होगी। उसकी कोई न्यूज़ साक्षात्कार डाट कॉम पर नहीं लगायी जायेगी। ..
Sushil Gangwar