Hrithik Roshan is one of the most talented superstars of all time. The actor has not only impressed us with his acting skills, but also his tremendous looks and his fantastic dance moves. He has time and again delivered hits. In fact, he is one of the only four superstars to have a film in the top 10 highest grossers of Bollywood. But over the past few years, his luck hasn't been kind on him. His last two films - Bang Bang and Mohenjo Daro were no where up to the actor's mark and they tanked. It's wasn't because he performed bad, but because the script wasn't good enough. However, that doesn't change Hrithik's super-stardom. He still has a massive following and a huge potential to be the best in the business. So on his 43rd birthday today, we decided to take a look at 

Hrithik's current standing at the box office and his potential being a superstar...
Talking about his current standing at the box office, our trade expert - Akshaye Rathi (exhibitor and distributor) reveals to us exclusively, "He is clearly someone with massive potential and that's been shown to us with some of the huge hits that he has delivered. Right from his first film to the other films that he has done with his father to Dhoom 2 and Agneepath, he has showed us how much potential he has to earn well at the box office. While his last couple of films haven't done well, it is not coz of his performance not being up to the mark or his fan following not being big enough. It is unfortunately a few wrong choices that he has made, in terms of the films he has been doing. And I think by only changing that, his career can take an absolute U-turn for the better."

So how can Hrithik turn around his career and be the superstar he is? Akshaye adds, "There is nothing missing in him. He has the looks, he has the ability to act, he is a phenomenal performer. So he has got everything working for him, except for his choices. The day that changes for the better, I don't think there is going to be anything that can stop him. If you look at his career graph, he has always played this very ideal sort of hero in every film of his. If you look at all the other big superstars of this country, they have always had this onscreen ability to laugh at themselves or to let the audience laugh at them or the audience to laugh at their cost. And I think that is something that establishes a huge connect between the audience and a star. So I think that is one thing that Hrithik needs to do. Projecting this near perfect image is (not always ideal). The day he drops his guard, he will have a massive connect with the audience. With the right kind of scripts and the right kind of films, I don't think there is anything that can stop him from becoming the biggest superstar in the country."

Talking about Hrithik's potential, Akshaye mentioned to us, "With the right kind of scripts, I think he is one of those superstars who can easily deliver those Rs 200 crore hits. There are two kinds of performers - actors and stars. An actor's job is to deliver a great performance, while a star's job is to sell tickets (and earn HUGE amounts of money). So he is currently a star trying to be an actor right now. If you look at his performances, they are phenomenal. But now he has to harness his potential at the box office as a star."
And with a few films lined up for him, the next being Kaabil, things are looking good the star. As Akshaye explains, "Kaabil is a very smartly budgeted movie. So I am pretty sure that the kind of returns that would come in, even though it is releasing with another big film like Raees, it will be enough to ensure that everyone associated with the film will make money. Then there is Krrish 4 and a couple of more, so I am sure it will be onward and upward for him. He has a good career ahead of him and he will continue to be a reigning superstar in the country."
So looks like the good times are just around the corner for him. And with that we wish Hrithik Roshan a very Happy Birthday and we hope that Kaabil is a super duper hit and he touches the unimaginable feats that he is surely capable of!