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Horror Nights with Kapil Sharm

Wednesday, 9 July 2014 - 6:25am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA
A first person account of two girls who were part of the audience on the show
So a normal episode of Comedy Nights With Kapil is all fun and laughs, right? Wrong! "It was the worst experience of our life”, say Vishaka and Vaishali Kumar (names changed to protect identity), who were recently on the sets of Comedy Nights With Kapil as part of the live audience. Disappointed and disgusted, they now say that they would never wish the experience on anyone. This is how their day unfolded...
11 am: We reach Flim City and are made to wait in a place reserved for audiences. Our phones, handbags, water and other belongings are taken from us and put in a large bin.
1 pm: They finally take us in and start allotting places. It is clear that the prettier faces and the nicer looking people were being seated prominently. After being shown our seats, our wait continues.
2 pm: Kapil enters. The first thing he does is yell at the crew members. He doesn't even bother to greet the audience. A small act is filmed and we are given a lunch break.
2.30 pm: It's a 15-minute lunch break. We have to order food, whereas the VIP audience gets to indulge in a special buffet arranged by the channel.
2.45 pm: They rush us back on the set saying the show was going to start, but it is another long wait.
4 pm: The act finally starts but it so repetitive that we get bored. During a break, when some people requested a meeting with Kapil, they were refused. Only the VIP audience was allowed to meet and click pictures with him.
5 pm: Kapil auditions the crowd. Some are asked to change into the clothes provided. Then some people were selected and asked to dance. Only those who dance horribly are chosen. The good dancers are not selected to go up on the stage. Then he selects the audience (based on their personality) to ask questions to the stars. Not just that, they were even fed the questions they had to ask the actors.
8 pm: We're just sitting and waiting. By now, several senior members were complaining of pain in their legs and backs. People are not allowed to leave their seats, even though we've been waiting nine hours by now. The wait continues as Siddhu hasn't arrived. Till this point, no shooting is done. Some in the audience are bored and irritated and want to leave but the crew members refuse to let them go and get rude with them.
9 pm: The show starts. We are not even allowed to drink water, whereas the VIP audience gets to. They even leave and come whenever they want. I am shocked because a fan is a fan and everyone should be treated equally. I want to call my parents and inform them that I would be late but when I get up, a crew member yells at me and I am forced to go back and sit. Finally, I borrow a phone from a someone in the VIP enclosure and call my dad.
12 midnight: Everything is going smoothly and crew members sit in each row with the audience and make us clap, laugh and cheer at various points.
1 am: Finally the show ends and we are allowed to leave.
I am a fan of the show but I am so disappointed with Kapil. He has no respect for his fans. The crew was rude and arrogant in their approach. My experience was such a nightmare that I will never even think of watching Comedy Nights With Kapil again.
—As told to Yogita Chainani

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साक्षात्कार डाट काम

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Sushil Gangwar