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Gauahar Khan is trouble, report in police

Chandigarh, Kulbir Kalsi:-Gauahar Khan is lately shaken by a rather unpleasant incident that she had to endure in Delhi (Gurgaon) where
she resides. Since past few days she had a weird feeling that she is being followed by someone, just when she was about to brush it off�a few days later calls started pouring in repeatedly from a private number. A source from the Khan Sisters crew who accompanies Gauahar, states, �Usually celebs keep getting blank calls but the matter went quite out of hand when the caller started making obscene comments and also kept a track about all her
whereabouts throughout the day, it was getting really scary as the caller kept claiming that he is her fan and kept a tab on her every move, Gauahar was quite terrified thinking he is watching her at all times.� Sensing trouble, Gauahar immediately went to the Fatehpur Beri police station and spoke to a very senior officer, who she knew well and asked him for advice on what can be done, considering she did not even have the number. The cop told her to lodge a complaint and said that he can be traced even if there is no number flashing. Gauahar informed the cops that in the next few days if the calls do not stop she will come back and definitely register a compliant.
The member of the Khan Sisters crew accompanying Gauahar said, �The police were very co operative and told her to call 100 for prompt police action and also promised full co-operation whenever she decides to lodge an official complaint.�