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स्टार न्यूज़ में Casting Couch का भेड़िया रवि सर

फिल्मो से लेकर मीडिया  में CASTING  COUCH   के भेडिए खुले आम लडकियों को अपना शिकार बना रहे है अब रवि सर को ले लो जो स्टार न्यूज़ में काम करते है मगर CASTING  COUCH  के परम गुरु बनने  के लिए उतावले हो रहे है | भडास ४ मीडिया  डाट.कॉम से साभार लेकर न्यूज़ मै लगा रहा हु आप भी पढ़े  |


स्टार न्यूज की किसी महिलाकर्मी ने एक पत्र अपने सभी सीनियर्स को मेल किया था, वर्कशीट की एक्सएलएस फाइल के अटैचमेंट के साथ. उसका कहना है कि उसके पत्र का किसी सीनियर ने संज्ञान नहीं लिया. इस महिला का आरोप है कि उसके एक वरिष्ठ रवि शर्मा उसे फिजीकल रिलेशन बनाने को कहते हैं और यह भी कहते हैं कि उसका कोई बिगाड़ नहीं सकता. भड़ास टीम को भेजे पत्र में महिला का कहना है-
''I had send this for all seniors in the star news but no one take any action against him. Ravi sir told me that (mera yahan pe koi kuch nahi kar sakta) you must be compromise with me. He always told me that (big boos ne mujhe aisa kaene ko kaha hai) but I know big boos he is not like that. Last week 2 girls had resigned for technical teem because of him, he always told them for compromise. I am sending this mail you because you always help to scared girl. Pls do something so that should not happen in future.''
महिला ने जो पत्र अपने वरिष्ठों को भेजा और जो अटैचमेंट साथ में लगाया, उस दोनों को नीचे दिया जा रहा है. इस मामले में अगर रवि शर्मा की तरफ से कोई पत्र या प्रतिक्रिया या रिएक्शन भड़ास टीम को पर मेल किया जाता है तो उसे भी प्रमुखता से प्रकाशित किया जाएगा. रवि का मोबाइल नंबर और मेल आईडी न होने के कारण उनसे संपर्क नहीं किया जा सका है. -एडिटर, भड़ास4मीडिया

Dear seniors
I would like to inform you that why all of girls in ops dept getting always D and E rare c. you can check details of last two three years. Ravi sir changing our dept every month and told us to proof that you are best performer in your new assignment or your job in danger. Sir could it be possible that any employee can perform better in one month. You can check details and why some of girl employee forces to resign.
We are very scared with Ravi sir. We are always forced by our immediate bosses like Kottyan and Vinod sir that your job is in trouble and please talk to Ravi sir. He is only the person who can save your job. sir you can check that some of girls have been told by Ravi sir to resign but finally after your intervention the decision was taken back. If you remember last year incident that ravi sir told some of us that dutta ji doesn’t like you and you have to resign,  Ravi sir always try to force us to compromise.

Sir it’s really very pain full when all of us talking about this. But as you know that every girl is not a seeker that’s why for some of them it’s better to resign or stay even getting d or c because we have no option.

Ravi sir frequently force to meet some of our collogue and Ravi sir took unwanted benefits .believe me sir we are threaten about our job as indicate by our manager several times. Example one of our colleague in (international dept). she came in star news for internship and Ravi sir extend her internship for two months. One day she got call from Kottyan sir during her internship that you are joining from tomorrow pls come at 10 am.
After some time in same day she got call from Ravi sir to meet in private. She refused to meet result she got another call from kottyan sir that your joining has been postponed and I will let you know. After few days kottyan sir asked her to talk to Ravi sir again as there is some opening and only he can adjust her. As I am telling you compromise begins from here. Now she is working in Star news. In few words we can say casting couch is going on in Star News by Ravi Sir.

Sir you must be thinking about this appraisal data that from where we got it. This data we got from one of our girl collogue that ravi sir told her that what he is and what he can do by this data. If he can got this confidential data from any where he can go what he will. Even he told that he got this data from HR. Ravi sir has good bonding with HR and he can change anyone’s profile if we didn’t listen to him and Dutta ji can’t do anything.

Our intension for this is not to harm any one we just want to help those girls who are facing this exploitation. we hope this thing would be up to you because if Ravi sir would be aware from this he could harm us very badly If you remember some times back one of our collogue has been fired because she doesn’t like him. You can ask her she is ready to tell every thing about him. Even she has some solid proof (sms and call recording).

Now as per Ravi sir he got one of his close girl friend in international and she is ready for every thing and now he will help her only. Now he is ignoring one of our collogue. This data was laying with one of our girl collogues  for so many months but she shared it with us after realizing that how mean and selfish people are there in the system who doesn’t feel anything but live life for their selfish desire only. Now all girls in our dept scared.

If you remember that recently there had been a party in our Noida guest house, and some of the girls have been forced to attend the party you can check with girls who where attend there party it’s clearly told by Kottayan sir that Dutta sir wants to these girls to attend the party. But when the girls meet in the party you behave professionally and left the party with grace, but again Ravi sir approached these girls to accompany them to your homes…..

Finally you have to decide and investigate but please don’t share with him other wise he knows who has send this and he can harm me. Finally appraisal going on and his immediate chamche Vinod and Kottayam informing all of girls if they want to come in grade of A and B then they have to talk to Ravi sir as he is the only boss. As Vinod sir has always supported us in our cause but as per professional; commitment he is bounded to serve the organizational as well personal commitments to Ravi sir

Finally you people have to decide what to do  and if we will  get another D or E in  this year we will tack this to in court as we have solid proof against ravi sir. You can check his mobile records of another 3 -4 months. Finally you are our boss and we have confidence on you.
All scared girls of MCCS

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